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Renergy is an independent trader and supplier of electricity to businesses. The company specializes in the supply of clean electricity, development and implementation of projects in the field of renewable energy, and provides clients with services for constructing solar power plants for their own needs (active consumer).
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  • Benefits
    By satisfying the energy needs of all our clients, we primarily focus on ensuring that our solutions are: [Secure, Environmental, Cost-effective, and Reliable]
  • features
    Energy security
    Our main energy source, the sun, is present in abundance throughout our country and is not affected by supply chains, military operations or economic cycles.
  • features
    Environmental friendliness
    We rely on “clean” energy sources, which we supply both exclusively from renewable sources and in an energy mix in predictable proportions with other “traditional” sources.
  • features
    Generating solar electricity does not require raw material costs, so it is cheaper than any other source of electricity.
  • features
    Solar generation is distributed geographically, so it is weakly dependent on local power outages. Even if one of our stations falls into a blackout zone, all the others will continue to operate and supply energy to our consumers.

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Manage your electricity consumption online in real time time from any device.
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Energy services for a "green" future for your business

Our mission — is to provide our customers with maximum opportunities to obtain cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions to their energy problems.

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To become a Renergy client and start using our electricity supply services, follow a simple and understandable algorithm:
Learn the terms
Choose optimal models for electricity consumption and supply options for your business. Determine what share of “green” energy your business should consume: whether you’re ready to produce it independently, covering part of your needs, or maybe you just want clean energy supplied from Renergy’s solar power plants. download-iconTariffs
Tell us about your business
Provide our experts with data on your business’s consumption structure (volumes and pattern), potential for using your own solar generation (availability of free space for solar panels), and your goals for optimizing energy costs. download-iconOnline form
Get the best offer
We’ll prepare a detailed commercial proposal with your future tariffs, savings indicators, and investment payback periods (if investments are needed). These calculations will serve to justify obtaining a bank loan if necessary. If your consumption volumes and pattern are optimal, you can expect an additional discount on electricity tariffs.
Complete the switch
After contract approval and signing, you’ll simply need to sign a joining application to the public Electricity Supply Agreement, specifying the EIC codes for each commercial metering points of your business.
You’re with Renergy!
Within 21 calendar days of signing the joining application, your business can start receiving “green” electricity from Renergy and saving on tariffs!
Renergy is part of a group of companies
Renergy is a member of a “family” of energy companies with deep technological expertise. Our combined competencies and material and technical base allow us to implement energy projects for clients from any industry and of any size.

Rengy Development is a leading independent power producer (IPP), EPC contractor and clean energy provider founded in 2009. The holding includes companies engaged in the design, construction and operation of solar power plants, production and trade of electricity.

A vertically integrated business model allows the Company not only to offer environmentally friendly electricity at affordable prices to consumers, but also to provide stable quality of service to our partners and clients planning the construction or maintenance of solar power plants.


In our corporate portfolio BlockMaster occupies a key position, acting as an expert EPC and O&M contractor specializing in the development and construction industrial solar stations, as well as stations for own consumption of industrial and corporate clients.

With an extensive fleet of construction equipment, a team of qualified engineers and a staff of professionals involved in construction and operational work, BlockMaster offers personalized solutions for those who value high quality and reliability.