Green electricity supply


About service

Renergy is a supplier of electricity and a key business entity within Rengy Development group. Since 2009, the company has been actively involved in solar energy, providing its partners with environmentally friendly electricity.

Our mission is to provide high-quality and cost-effective services of supplying predominantly clean electricity to our clients. Our personalized solutions adapt to the energy needs of any type of business. Renergy is an industrial electricity supplier in Ukraine that focuses on the individual needs of commercial customers.

Renergy supplies its customers with electricity, most of which is generated from clean sources such as solar, nuclear, wind, and hydropower. In addition, considering our own electricity production assets, the proposed tariffs are ultimately more attractive and flexible than those of our competitors. This means that cooperation with Renergy is an economically attractive and environmentally responsible choice for businesses.

Key objectives of securing green electricity supply services for businesses

Acquiring a reliable electricity supplier with more flexible and favourable tariffs that best meet the needs of the enterprise.
Companies can optimize their energy costs by finding the most profitable and convenient conditions for energy supply.
Obtaining guarantees of origin of the electricity supplied reducing the carbon footprint of the business.
This contributes to the company's environmental image, allowing it to confirm the use of clean energy in its activities and give its products or services an environmentally friendly status.

Benefits for businesses


Renergy offers its customers an energy mix which is mostly sourced from environmentally friendly sources, predominantly solar power plants.

With its own solar-generation capacity Renergy can offer the most favourable tariffs during daytime periods of maximum solar activity, which corresponds to the working hours of most enterprises. This enables Renergy’s clients to achieve significant savings on energy consumption for their business purposes.

Electricity supplied by Renergy can be backed by green certificates (guarantees of origin), allowing customers to label their products as being eco-friendly. Companies collaborating with Renergy can reduce their carbon footprint and boost their social responsibility profile, while cutting down on their energy bills.

Reliable partner for energy supply

As an independent energy supplier Renergy offers customers in Ukraine a combination of reliability, stability, and eco-friendliness in its energy solutions. Our approach to energy delivery takes advantage of renewable energy sources and emphasizes sustainability and cost-effectiveness.

We supply electricity to suit the needs of all types of customers, making us the preferred choice for businesses committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Renergy is a licensed electricity supplier with all the relevant regulatory permits.

Why is green electricity important for companies?


Green energy is not just a global trend. It’s a necessity for modern enterprises seeking sustainable development. The use of renewable energy sources reduces companies’ carbon footprint and increases their attractiveness on the global market. This is especially true for those working with international partners, financial institutions and those striving to meet global environmental standards.

Unlike traditional energy sources whose prices are subject to fluctuations due to political or economic factors, renewable energy sources guarantee stability. Our service of electricity supply for businesses allows minimizing the risks associated with energy cost fluctuations and interruptions.

Features of green electricity supply

We offer our customers:

Transparent and flexible tariffs – fair prices with an emphasis on renewable energy.
Guaranteed competitive rates through direct deliveries and specific time slots for savings.
Customized solutions.
Accounting for the specifics of the business and the sector of the company’s activity. Guaranteed quality service and support.
Ongoing support when changing suppliers.
Documentary support of the transition process and ensuring continuity of supplies at all stages of cooperation.

These elements are key to providing a comprehensive and high-quality energy supply service for businesses of different sizes and industries.

Electricity supply methods

Our main routes of selling and supplying electricity:

Direct line connections with solar power plants.
Assumes direct supply of electricity from solar power plants to the consumer, bypassing standard power grids. This is the most efficient and cost-effective energy supply.
Corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs).
Long-term contracts under which the company enters into an agreement to purchase electricity directly from green energy producers. This electricity may supplied via the main power grid.
Virtual contracts with a power producer.
Contracts with a fixed electricity price for a certain period of time. The physical supply of energy does not occur directly from the power plant and the price difference is compensated by the supplier or consumer depending on market price fluctuations.
Options of receiving green electricity
Construction of your own solar station, which can be built by Renergy:
Development and construction of an individual solar power plant for a specific type of business.
Advantages: optimization of electricity costs and tariffs for distribution and supply,
ability to use other benefits.
Obtaining “green” energy mix from Renergy through existing energy transmission and distribution networks:
Renergy supplies directly from the main grid at customer-tailored tariffs.
fast and easy switching;
more favourable tariffs than those of the current supplier;
the ability to form special consumption models.
Future prospects – green energy certificates or origin:
Customers receive clean electricity from the main grid while also securing certificates of origin, proving that an equivalent amount of energy was generated and fed into the grid from renewable sources.
easy to implement; no changes to current power infrastructure;
innovations allow exporting goods to the EU and avoiding unnecessary taxation related to CO2 emissions.

Benefits of purchasing clean energy

By connecting a solar power plant (SPP) to their network companies receive the following benefits:

SPP is a source of clean energy that reduces carbon dioxide emissions and benefits the environment.
Green energy is often more profitable in the long run. Considering the reduction in tariffs of system operators and covering the load of daytime hours with own generation, investments in SPPs become even more attractive.
The technologies and equipment we use allow us to guarantee high efficiency and longevity of the power plants.
Individual approach and comprehensive solutions.
Our team carefully analyzes each client's needs, offering optimal solutions according to their objectives and capabilities.

What type of business is green electricity suitable for?


All businesses leave a carbon footprint to some extent that can be harmful for both the environment and the reputation of the company. Using green electricity will offset some or all of the business's carbon footprint. This will create a more responsible image of the company at the corporate level and make their products and services “greener”.

We serve a wide range of customers from large industrial facilities and factories to office centers and gas stations. Renergy is licensed to supply electricity throughout Ukraine. Our flexibility and 15 years of experience in energy allow us to effectively work with projects of any size and complexity.

At Renergy we don't rest on our laurels. The team is working to integrate energy storage systems and explore new opportunities for more stable and efficient electricity delivery.

Our company can become a reliable partner for those who need an experienced supplier of clean energy and an independent source of electricity. We offer solutions that combine environmental friendliness and affordability. Our focus on supplying clean electricity is especially important for international and export-oriented businesses. We guarantee that our electricity can be more cost-effective than traditional sources at different times of the day.

Choosing Renergy as an electricity supplier for enterprises means choosing high-quality services confirmed by regulatory accreditations, independence from political factors, and a professional approach to the production and trading of electricity.

Our activities are not limited to the supply of electrical energy. We contribute significantly to the development of renewable energy, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions for a sustainable future.