Corporate PPAs


About service

The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) from our company refers to long-term contracts for supply of electricity from renewable sources.

These agreements ensure a stable supply of electricity directly from Renergy (Rengy Development) power plants. The company guarantees the physical supply of electricity, which provides customers with reliable and predictable energy costs.

The consumer can connect directly to a solar power plant owned by Renergy as a source of green electricity. Payment is made only for the kilowatt-hours consumed. The solar power plant is constructed on the territory owned by the client or on a neighbouring site. In this case, Renergy finances the construction in full or in part, and the client receives land lease payments direct access to off-grid electricity.

A corporate PPA allows companies to fix the price of electricity for a long period of time, minimize the risks associated with fluctuations in energy markets, and strengthen their reputation by using clean energy.

What are the benefits for corporate consumers?

Renergy's corporate PPAs offer businesses several key benefits:

Possibility to fix the price.
Business owners can fix the cost of electricity over an extended period, providing financial predictability and protection from price fluctuations.
Reducing carbon footprint.
Using energy from renewable sources helps businesses reduce their negative environmental impact, which is important for meeting environmental standards and legislation
Improving reputation and image.
Working with us helps businesses obtain verified eco-status for their products and services and improve their public image as an environmentally responsible company.

These factors make Renergy’s PPAs an attractive choice for businesses seeking efficient, cost-effective, and environmentally sustainable energy.

By offering this service we aim to provide access to a source of electricity at favourable rates without the need to use your own funds. This is achieved by partially or completely replacing conventional grid electricity with energy produced by our solar power plants. Customers can save on energy costs because electricity from Renergy solar plants is not subject to tariffs of distribution and transmission system operators and is supplied by a direct line.

Additionally, customers benefit from using green electricity, which helps reduce their carbon footprint. This improves the company's reputation and allows to officially confirm the environmental nature of its products through the guarantees of origin provided by Renergy.

It is also possible to enter into a corporate PPA with Renergy solar stations located in other regions. This green electricity will be supplied through the national and regional grid, and when there is a shortage of solar energy (winter/night), it will be supplied by Renergy from other, mainly clean, energy sources.

How does Renergy organize the entire process and what will the client receive?


If your business has available land or roof space you can lease it to Renergy and sign a long-term electricity purchase contract. This guarantees an additional source of green electricity at a significantly lower cost than the network price due to the absence of distribution and transmission tariffs. This way you can reduce your company’s energy bills by up to 30%.

Renergy can fully or partially bear the cost of construction of the SPP, connecting it to the client’s power network, and ensuring supply of a certain volume of electricity at specific tariffs for the entire period of the contract. All questions regarding the effective management of the station, its technical condition, and excess energy produced, remain as Renergy’s concern. The client only needs to ensure the consumption of the agreed volume of green electricity at pre-agreed tariffs.

In addition, Renergy can provide customers with predominantly clean energy from solar power plants and supply the rest from the main grid, part of which will also be of green origin from other Renergy solar stations. Supplies of such energy will be carried out under the market conditions most favourable for customers.

In some cases Renergy can also provide guaranteed uninterrupted power supply to customers’ critical infrastructure by using energy storage or backup generation power sources.