Solar power for own consumption (direct connection with SPP)


About service

The service of connecting a solar power plant (SPP) with a direct line includes the construction of an SPP, which will belong to the client or to Renergy, as the case may be. In the latter case, all construction costs will be carried by our company.

This involves connecting the plant directly to the consumer’s network and registering the latter as an active consumer. In addition, the process may include issuance of guarantees of origin which allows the client to confirm the environmental status of the energy used.

Direct connection to a solar power plant built on or near your business allows you to optimize the energy costs. The main goal of this approach is to use electricity generated by the SPP substituting the energy that the business would otherwise consume from the grid. This substituted energy will not be charged at all because it is generated by the consumer’s own station. These savings can reach up to 65% of the customer's energy bill.

This approach increases the proportion of green electricity in the overall energy mix used by the consumer and helps decarbonize its operations. We carry out the entire process which includes feasibility study, development, procurement and construction of the solar power plant, designed to meet own consumption needs (active consumer model).

Main objectives of the service

Obtaining a reliable source of electricity for your own needs.

A solar power plant for your own consumption allows you to save on energy costs by partially or entirely replacing energy bought from the main grid with the electricity produced in-house. Additional savings also occur due to absence of tariffs of the distribution and transmission system operators if such electricity doesn’t come from the Grid.

Purchasing green energy to reduce your carbon footprint

This gives the final product or service of your company an environmentally friendly status, including official confirmation of this status by guarantees of energy origin.

Why do businesses need this?

Directly connecting a solar power plant introduces a number of key advantages for businesses, mainly aimed at reducing costs and improving performance:

After the initial investment of installing the solar plant, the cost of electricity for the business is reduced, as part of the energy is now generated by the station, and this part is not subject to system operator tariffs.
This is especially important for large energy users such as manufacturing plants.
Integration of an SPP into the company’s energy infrastructure allows increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the total consumption mix.
This can be quite valuable for companies exporting their goods to the European Union, where taxes and tariffs apply to goods produced by “dirty” energy.
Using solar power plants for your own consumption helps reduce the company’s carbon dioxide emissions.
This improves the company's environmental profile and is in line with global trends and sustainability requirements.

Benefits for business owners

Consumers benefits:

Reduced operating costs.
Direct connection to an SPP can significantly reduce energy costs, providing savings, especially in the long term. This makes investing in solar technology cost-effective.
Environmental responsibility.
Solar stations do not produce greenhouse gases helping to significantly reduce harmful emissions of CO2 and other pollutants into the atmosphere. This helps protect the environment.
Improving the company's image and reputation.
The introduction of green technologies demonstrates concern for the future of the planet, which has a positive effect on brand perception. This strengthens the trust of customers and partners, increasing business loyalty and competitiveness.
Long-term investment benefit.
Solar power plants have a long lifespan and low operating costs, making them an attractive long-term investment for any business committed to sustainability.

Mechanics of energy saving

Use of solar energy for own consumption
Connecting a solar power plant to an enterprise allows you to use primarily independently produced energy for your own consumption instead of receiving it from the electric grid.
This synchronizes energy generation and consumption, allowing electricity to be used most efficiently.
Financial offset
During periods when a business generates more energy than it consumes it is possible to offset the kilowatt-hours consumed and those supplied to the network. This occurs when electricity is generated and consumed at different times.
For example, when consumption comes from the network at night and produced electricity is injected to the grid during daytime. This net-metering is carried out according to the hourly tariffs when consumption or supply of electricity occurs.

How does it work?

Even if your business operates at night and the solar station generates electricity during the day, all the energy produced but not consumed during the day is sold to the grid and, in return, is bought back for consumption at night. This makes it possible to optimize energy costs and contribute to more efficient use of solar power plants.

The capacity of the solar station is limited by the available area and the current average annual energy consumption. The annual production of the plant transmitted to the grid cannot exceed 50% of the annual consumption of the business, and the hourly transmission to the grid cannot exceed 50% of the installed capacity of the station.

These parameters provide a harmonious combination of business needs and solar-generation opportunities, offering an effective approach to energy resource management.

Why should you choose Renergy?


Construction of a solar power plant by our group of companies is a comprehensive service that includes all aspects of the process, from design and procurement, to installation and grid connection.

Renergy takes care of all organizational and practical aspects, including preparation of the necessary documentation. We also supply the rest of the required electricity which is not produced by your own solar station. As a result, the client receives a fully functioning SPP and all related documents in a short period of time, without interrupting its power supply or its operational processes. The consumer will also be able to receive guarantees of origin of the electricity for its products, confirming their environmental status.

Cooperation with Renergy to implement energy projects is the optimal solution for businesses seeking efficiency and independence. The entire process of construction, generation forecasting, power supply, and subsequent maintenance, falls on our shoulders, minimizing the need to involve multiple contractors for various tasks in this chain.

We guarantee that every stage of the project will be completed with maximum precision and quality. Our specialists use modern technologies to develop and instal efficient and reliable solar power plants.

This allows our customers to significantly reduce their operating costs by generating their own electricity. Energy comes directly from the source, which reduces the cost of energy consumption. Most importantly, this results in savings on the tariffs of the energy system operators.

The system works so that up to 100% of the electricity produced by the station goes to cover business needs. This is true even when the periods of energy consumption and generation do not coincide. For example, if production operates at night and the power plant is active during the day, the value of the energy produced will offset the costs of the energy consumed.

For our part, we offer assistance with the installation and operation of the SPP at most competitive prices. We can also consider bearing all construction costs, subject to concluding a long-term power supply contract and sharing the savings from such installations.